Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yumbox Tapas Review!

Hey, hey everyone! Back to school season is in full swing around here. Today I am going to tell you all about the new Tapas box from Yumbox! You are in for a treat and I think you're gonna like them!

This is a lunch for my mom for work. She has ham and provolone on wheat, carrots, red pepper hummus, trail mix, and an orange.

If you know anything about Yumboxes you know that these are one of the most awesome boxes on the planet. Here are the FACTS about the Tapas Yumbox.

-All materials are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.
-Yumbox Tapas dimensions: 9.5 (l) x 6.9 (w) x 1.8 (h) inches and weighs 1 lb 6 oz.
-5 and 4 compartment tray is a larger Yumbox size for pre-teens, teens and adults. Total volume: 4.2 cups.
 Now let us get to the pros of the box!

- Yumboxes are leak-proof! Say what? Yes! They are leak-proof!
- They are compact and fit most lunch bags.
- They are perfect for kids, teens, and adults.
- They have sections. Sections! The Tapas comes in 5 and 4 compartment boxes.
- They are cute! That's a pro right?
- These babies are sturdy. I'm a mom of four so sturdy is in my top five requirements for a lunchbox.
- They are top rack dishwasher safe although I don't wash them this way. I don't have a dishwasher so we wash ours by hand. Is it shocking that we don't have a dishwasher?

Now let us get to the cons.

- They aren't microwave safe.

That's it. I can not think of another thing to say about them that is a con. Actually them not being microwave safe isn't a big deal in my book. My kids don't have access to a microwave at school so they don't need microwave safe containers for packed lunches.

There you have it! This is what I think of the new Tapas Yumbox!

Get yours here:

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May Flowers!

Spring is here and summer is near. For us here in Virginia spring brought a whirlwind of yellow haze. If you live here you know exactly what I mean. The month long period where everything you own is covered in a dusting of pollen, the month long period where you feel the need to shower frequently and you keep the allergy meds handy at all times. But now May is here. April has left us, along with it the pollen is finally gone. It's a brand new month. A month full of wonderful sunshine and evening thunderstorms. The prelude to what awaits us around the corner for summer vacation.

In todays lunch I channeled spring and made these cute flowery lunches.

So cute! Both lunches are very similar. Here's what is in the lunchbox.

Ham flower swirl sandwich (The stem is made from celery), grapes, oranges, carrots, celery, ranch for dipping, and a small bag a Garden Salsa Sunchips (not shown).

 Ham flower swirl sandwich, oranges, grapes, carrots, celery, hummus for dipping, and chips (not shown).
 How's that for a cute and simple spring lunch? You can find the cute food picks by clicking on the link in the right hand corner of this blog to All Things For Sale. It's my favorite bento store, ever! You can find these Yumbox lunchboxes and cute silicone cups by clicking the links below.

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Quick and Easy Lunch!

Hello Tuesday! Tuesday is so much better than Monday because we are one day closer to Friday! School is almost over and I am finding myself looking forward to Fridays and looking forward to summer vacation even more too. I love weekends and summer vacation because there is no schedule to keep and it just feels so freeing. The kids sleep in now that they are older and I can't think of anything better than getting up later and having quiet time. Plus there is that whole thing called rushing to get three kids to school on time. I so need a break from that one!

Seeing as summer vacation isn't here yet and the kids need lunch I will get on with it! Here's what is in the lunchboxes today. Both are pretty similar and both were super quick to pull together.

The first kiddo has a ham sandwich, carrots, cucumbers. grapes, clementine orange slices, Nilla Wafers, a side of ranch, and a small bag of Sunchips.

The second kiddo has a ham sandwich, carrots, sweet peppers, cucumbers, grapes, clementine slices, Nilla Wafers, and a small bag of BBQ chips.

These lunches are so easy to throw together and are perfect for adults too. Plus Yumbox lunchboxes make putting lunch together a snap too. You can get yours by clicking on the links below. If you are looking for cute food picks like the ones I use click on the link in the upper right corner of this blog to go to All Things For Sale!

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