Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fairy Bread & Panda Bears!

Today I was inspired by a fellow lunch packer to make fairy bread. I haven't made it in awhile and it is a favorite at my house.

The oldest has Nutella fairy bread and mini sandwiches, cashews, broccoli, cucumbers, grapes, a half an orange and corn chips.

I made this cute little panda lunch in our Planetbox. The youngest had mini panda sandwiches, a panda boiled egg, an orange, grapes, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, cashews and corn chips.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Birthday Lunch!

Today is our oldest daughters birthday! She is a huge fan of The Fault In Our Stars. So I surprised her with a lunch that goes right along with The Fault In Our Stars. She was so excited. The shrieks of delight echoed through my kitchen! Ha! Ha!

She has two Nutella sandwiches, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, peppers, grapes. apples, pretzels and Annie's animal crackers. She also has sunflower seeds in the star box.

My littlest girl expressed how much that she would like to have a baby hedgehog as a pet. Now I think baby hedgehogs are adorable but there is no way that we could possibly keep one as a pet. So I asked her if she would be satisfied with a baby hedgehog lunch. Of course she said YES!

She has ham sandwiches, broccoli, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, grapes, apples and Annie's animal crackers.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Garden Lunch!

Monday is always a hard one to pull off. I am still trying to recuperate from the week before. Today I am still trying to recuperate from the last two weeks. My kids were sick the second week of school. My oldest was sick again the third week of school. Boy we had it bad with the start of the new school year. Everyone is well, for now at least. lol So I finally got back to making lunch for the kids.

The oldest took the Planetbox today. She has ham sandwiches, Annie's bunny mix, pretzels, Annie's animal crackers, sugar snap peas, peppers, grapes and a half of an orange.

The littlest girl took a Lunchbots box today. She has a side salad, a Babybell gouda cheese, carrots, peppers, sugar snap peas, grapes, pretzels and pepperonis.

My boy is a very light eater. He doesn't eat much at a time and loathes veggies so today I made him a snack box in one of our small Lunchbots. He has pepperonis, pretzels, grapes and a clementine.

Here is lunch for my Middle schooler. She has a Lunchbots trio. This is a good size box. She has a side salad, carrots, grapes, pretzels, Annie's bunny mix and ham sandwiches.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day Of School Lunch!

We made it through our very first day back to school. It was a busy day for mama and I sure kept the roads hot yesterday. I was so busy I couldn't tell whether I was coming or going but we made it. After it was all said and done I collapsed into bed and so did the kiddies.

Today I am showing you yesterdays lunch as well as todays. I am behind schedule! What can I say?

  The three girls took our homemade version of a lunchable. I packed them each what they like. In this one I packed nitrate free turkey breast, Back To Nature crackers, cashews, a Babybell gouda cheese, grapes, a small plum, carrots, cucumbers and sweet peppers.

The boy took waffle sticks, grapes and an orange. If you a new to my blog, The boy will not touch veggies.

Last night I was spent so we grabbed some takeout pizza on the way home from yet another school supply run. We don't usually do this but there was no time to cook.

They all took leftover pizza. In this box I cut the pizza to fit, cucumbers, sweet bell peppers, a side salad and grapes.

The oldest took pizza, grapes, peppers, cucumbers and a Apple Cinnamon Go Sqeez pouch.

Tomorrows lunch is packed and this mama has thirty minutes before I have to hit the road so see you tomorrow. I hope your kiddies had a great first day!