Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Vacation!

Summer vacation is nearly here. I am not sure whether to be thrilled or if I should demand that school be in session year round. Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. I love spending time with my kids. But what I don't love is the endless fighting, the complaining of being bored, the whining and the strange but soothing music of Minecraft drifting through my house.

Every year about this time I start searching Pinterest for all the fun things that I would love to do with the kids. Yes I am one of those people. I love Pinterest and I am not ashamed to admit it. So I pin and pin all the things I think my kids would like to do. Sometimes we get around to doing them but most times daily life just gets in the way. Like cleaning up dog puke or the never ending laundry we seem to accumulate. So in the spirit of Pinterest and "The Perfect Summer" I have made this awesome chart that is completely pinnable! (You lovers of Pinterest know you love this. Those of you who loathe Pinterest just enjoy the pretty chart.)

Now that is a perfect summer.
Now I am going to share with you what really happens to unravel my plan of the perfect summer. Lets start with number one and work our way through the cute little chart. 1. I clean the pool for at least an hour each day. The kids get in the pool and decide fifteen minutes later they are getting out because a bee is buzzing around. Bees are ferocious! 2. At first I hear the happy laughter of children jumping until their little hearts are content. Only to have the joyful noise interrupted by a screaming child. So I go out to see what the deal is and find out that so in so just got kicked in the mouth and has a loose permanent tooth. 3. The dog peed on the tent so it is no longer inhabitable. 4. My budding artist has just finished her masterpiece and is now crying uncontrollably because her sister decided that it was time to wash down the patio.(Now we both know that she just wanted to hear her sister scream.) 5. The ice cream has just decided that it is too hot outside and plummets to its death.(Now the patio needs a spray.) 6. The popsicles are gross because I made them instead of buying the premade ones. 7. Cookouts go great. 8. Catching fireflies also is well received. Hey two out of eight isn't bad. Does this sound familiar?                                                                                            
There is actually good news. It doesn't always go wrong. Sometimes it goes just right. The kids eat your homemade popsicles. The ice cream doesn't fall to its death. Nobody loses a tooth on the trampoline. Sisters actually draw a masterpiece on the sidewalk together just for you. The dogs don't pee on the tents. Who am I kidding? The dogs always pee on the tents. You actually have that perfect day during the summer. It's a perfect day because you have great kids. Even when the fight you know they love each other and they are all awesome. Whether you spend your days working through the Pinterest summer crafts or you spend it just chillin with the kiddos. You are a great parent and you will have "The Perfect Summer"