Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy Lunches In EasyLunchboxes!

Today was all about getting lunch thrown together and in the fridge for tomorrow. I was running out of time quickly this afternoon and needed to get lunch done. So I grabbed two pretzel buns from Trader Joe's out of the freezer and got to it. I also got to use my new EasyLunchboxes. I received the new Urban EasyLunchboxes last week. I made three easy lunches and I made them fast!

In this lunch for the youngest girl there is a half of a ham pretzel sandwich, a side salad, a slice of cheese, cucumbers, carrots, a half an orange, grapes and a small bag of baked chips.

This is lunch for the Middle school girl. She has the same as her sister except she didn't take a cheese slice.

This is lunch for Mr.Picky. lol He has a whole pepperoni pretzel sandwich, grapes, an orange, a banana and a small bag of chips.

You can find the EasyLunchboxes and reusable lunch bags by clicking on the pictures below.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dinosaurs and Sea Friends Lunch!

Hello there! It has been quite some time since I posted last. Last week we were out of school all week due to Winter weather. I am really hoping we go on time tomorrow. Nine days in this house with four kids during Winter weather was CRAZY!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyway! Last week I got two new Yumbox lunchboxes. I couldn't wait for the new colors and boxes to come out in March. I had to have them now! I packed lunch for tomorrow in them. I also used my new bento loot from All Things For Sale. You can get some of what I used in these lunches by clicking on the All Things For Sale/ Bento USA add on the right side of this post! Here's lunch!

The youngest girl has mini dino ham sandwiches. carrots, cucumbers, grapes, a half a mandarin, strawberries, and Trader Joe's yogurt stars. Also a few cashews.

This is lunch for my oldest girl. She has mini whale and sea lion ham sandwiches, sweet peppers, cucumbers, a half a mandarin, grapes, strawberries, cashews and Trader Joe's yogurt stars.

Now let's hope they go to school!

You can get the Yumbox lunchboxes by clicking on the link below.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine Lunches!

It is February! Yay! It is time for Valentines lunches. I love to make sweet lunches for my lovies! So here is a quick lunch post!

This is lunch for the middle girl. She has a robot ham sandwich, carrots, a half of a mandarin orange, apples and pretzels.

This is lunch for my youngest love. She has heart shaped ham sandwiches, a Babybell cheese, half an orange, apples, sugar snap peas, carrots and pretzels.

This is lunch for my niece. She has leftover hot wings, pretzels, apples, carrots, a half of a mandarin and Laughing Cow cheese.

You can get some of the items used to make this lunch here! Just click on the pictures below.