Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy Lunches In EasyLunchboxes!

Today was all about getting lunch thrown together and in the fridge for tomorrow. I was running out of time quickly this afternoon and needed to get lunch done. So I grabbed two pretzel buns from Trader Joe's out of the freezer and got to it. I also got to use my new EasyLunchboxes. I received the new Urban EasyLunchboxes last week. I made three easy lunches and I made them fast!

In this lunch for the youngest girl there is a half of a ham pretzel sandwich, a side salad, a slice of cheese, cucumbers, carrots, a half an orange, grapes and a small bag of baked chips.

This is lunch for the Middle school girl. She has the same as her sister except she didn't take a cheese slice.

This is lunch for Mr.Picky. lol He has a whole pepperoni pretzel sandwich, grapes, an orange, a banana and a small bag of chips.

You can find the EasyLunchboxes and reusable lunch bags by clicking on the pictures below.


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