Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cyberman: The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings Series!


Hello there. Today I am teaming up with other bloggers in a series from Suzy Homeschooler called: The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings. It is a awesome series where us nerdy folk get to share some of our geeky passions. Some of us homeschool. Some of us make crafts and have businesses. Some of make cute bento lunches, like me! We all have our loves and we love to blog about it. You might be surprised to hear that not only do I love the bento lunches but I also am proud to say I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. Now, The Doctor is only one of my passions. I have many others but today we will focus on my interest in The Doctor.

Today I won't only be serving up a bento but also an original piece of artwork by my oldest geekling  to go along with my theme. I picked the letter C to do a post on, and, for C, I picked Cyberman! Now Cyberman is in several episodes of Doctor Who and it is one crazy powerful machine made of human and robot. Most of the Cybermen are made when the human is under the influence of a hypnosis of sorts. They are tricked into becoming Cyberman and all of their humanity is stripped. They then seem to follow a warlord type leader and do his dirty bidding. Usually that means they DELETE you! Or they trap and trick you into becoming one of them. First, I want to share my inspiration for my bento snack box.

Original Artwork by The Lovely Nerd

Isn't this so awesome? She is a very talented young lady. Not only does she have excellent art skills she also writes book reviews at The Lovely Nerd! Head on over and check her site out!

Now this is my Cyberman bento snack box. It was only fitting that my daughter get to eat it. In this bento she has a Cyberman peanut butter sandwich and Trader Joe's fruity cereal o's. This is how I see her picture in food. Food Art!

 Thanks for stopping by and head on over to Suzy Homeschooler to check out the rest of the series!


  1. Nice job Amy! Those Cybermen are so scary sometimes!

  2. She did a great job, and your Cyberman bento box is great.

  3. I love both pieces of art - yours and your lovely nerd's - fantastic!

  4. *Fan*tastic artwork ;-) I love how you picked up the colours she chose - gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Jackie. My box of Trader Joe's O cereal helped a lot.

  5. Fantastic artwork, she is so talented!! I also love the beautiful bento! :)