Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back To School, Bento Essentials

We have a little over a month before we head back to school. I have put together another "Back To School" post for you to give you some more ideas. I have set up three different examples of bento supplies. Kind of like a pick your package deal. (The items shown are not sold together as sets. They are just examples of bento products, put together by me. I do not sell any of these items. There may however be affiliate links in this post, which I may receive affiliate benefits from.)These examples will give you an idea of where you want to start when buying bento supplies. Also they will help with picking what's best for your budget.

Example 1: This is a pretty big collection of bento items. I started by giving you a great lunchbox, the EasyLunchbox. These lunchboxes come in sets of four and are sold in three different color combinations. They are quite affordable also and are a great lunchbox to start out with. Easy Dippers are second on the list. These little containers are sold by EasyLunchboxes also. Then I added some fun cutters, silicone muffin cups, handmade cloth napkins, and several of my favorite bento food picks.

Example 2: Here you have EasyLunchboxes, Mini Dipper containers, several bento food picks, a few silicone cups, and some fun cookie cutters. The animal cookie cutters are sold in huge sets by Wilton. They are a great value. You can even get them in letters and numbers. I don't have those yet because my kiddos are a little old for alphabet lunches but I may have to get them if I can figure out a way to incorporate them into our lunches. The bigger cutters are an awesome way to make a plain boring sandwich FUN! The smaller cutters are an awesome way to make DIY Lunchables. They are perfect for cutting meat and cheese. Or making sandwich kabobs. While this collection is smaller it still has a lot to work with.

Example 3: We will call this "Bento Essentials" Here you have the same great EasyLunchboxes, a few different silicone cups, small cutters, two sets of cookie cutters, the Mini Dippers, and a few food picks. You would be surprised what you can do with just a little bit of bento supplies. This is a great starting point. If you are a minimalist or just on a tight budget this is the perfect example of what to start with.

You can purchase all the food picks from Bento USA! Just click on the link in the upper right hand corner to shop! (This post may contain affiliate links.)

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