Sunday, April 9, 2017


  • Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I did a post! I know, I know. You are wondering where I have been! Ha ha ha.

Well it's a long story so I will just give you all a shorter version! Last August I went back to work part-time. Right before Christmas I decided it wasn't going to work out so I quit. Fast forward to February. My youngest daughter had been having a lot of trouble since she went to middle school. We decided it wasn't just the average adjusting to middle school thing so we took her to a doctor to be tested for ADHD. Guess what? She really does have ADHD. She was tested by two doctors and the school psychologist. So we are confident in her diagnosis. She also suffers from anxiety which we already knew but it was nice to hear someone confirm our suspicions. Now Fast forward to April, now, the present time. Two IEP meetings later with the school and we have a plan! Yay! It has been a lot of work over the last few months and it pretty much consumed me.                                                  

Now I am back and I am ready to change some things around here. I started this blog three years ago when I started making cute lunches and it was great but my family has grown and changed so much. I have grown and changed. I have so many interest and so many things to offer. Here's the plan! I will still do lunch from time to time, cute food, not so cute food, and all that jazz. I will be adding a lot to this blog. Our lives, fitness journey, our progress with ADHD, our struggles with ADHD. I want to show you all my crafty side as well. How I use my five Mambi Happy Planners to control the chaos, yes I said five. Hehehe.....Just basically all the ins and outs of being us! Cleaning tips, organization tips and so much more. It should be loads of fun. See what I did there? Is she talking about really have fun or is she talking about laundry? You'll just have to stick around to figure it out!

Lot's of love to all of you. I look forward to bringing my blog up to date with the real world of Yummy Bites by Amy.

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