Monday, May 8, 2017

This Weeks Plans!

 Hello, It's Monday and this week I have a plan! Well I usually have a plan for the week but I thought you would all like to see how I decorate my pretty planner. Well, One of my planners. I have three!!! Yes, I said three! They all serve different purposes and get me through my days so that I don't forget to keep up with everything. This Big Happy Planner is the planner I use to keep track of my housework, blogging, and projects. This week I decorated it with a set of free printable stickers from Victoria Thatcher. She creates the cutest stickers! Be sure to pop on over and see for yourself. This is what my week looks like before the pen.

I of course filled it in last night to prepare for the week ahead. I have actually gotten ahead of the game and knocked out quite a few of my task already. Next week I will update you all on how it looks when the work week is done and it's all filled in. In the meantime head over to Victoria Thatcher and check out her free printables. Then head over to the links in the post and get your Happy Planner! Just click on the picture!

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