Friday, March 7, 2014

Breakfast Round-up #1

Hello there! Only one lunch today. The others are buying today. I also have completed my first week of breakfast bentos. It was a huge success. She loved taking a breakfast to snack on. I only made three breakfast this week. We had snow days so the kids ate at home.

Don't they look yummy? A healthy breakfast for an on the go teenager was a great idea! Glad I thought of it. lol Really it was her idea.

This is a simple lunch requested by my ten year old. She has a ham sandwich, apples, grapes and carrots. She also has bunny grahams and bunny crackers. She took a side cup of ranch for dipping.


  1. Love the breakfasts! I really need to get the bigger lunchbots!

    1. Thanks Jenn. The Lunchbots used here are the small ones. I did order the big ones for lunches. They are great. I love them!