Monday, March 17, 2014

Twenty Minute DIY Lunchables For Four!

There have been a lot of DIY lunchables going around lately. I myself make my kids one every now and then. Especially when I am short on time or am running low on lunch mojo. Yesterday evening I needed a quick and easy lunch for today because I ended up pressed for time. I like to pack a DIY lunchable. This way they do not bug me to buy Lunchables. They really just like the idea of it and not the actual food. They don't eat half of what comes in those expensive little plastic bins anyway. So we opt for these instead and I know they are getting what they like as well as a healthier version. Here are our DIY Lunchables!

All four of the kids had custom Lunchables in our Easy Lunchboxes. Everyone has pepperonis, wheat crackers, organic chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn. The youngest girl took fresh organic strawberries and a cheese stick. The oldest took organic strawberries as well. Lastly the boy and the middle girl took grapes as their side of fruit.

These were so easy to make. Twenty minutes and lunch for four was packed. Try your hand at a DIY Lunchable. The possibilities are endless!
Her are the links to the amazing ELB used in this lunch:
B004UIRUJ2   B004UIUM74


  1. These are great Amy! I make DIY lunchables all the time and add some Lunchbox Love for Kids by Let us know if your kids would like these? You can reach us at

  2. Thank you Judi! And yes I would love some!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jenn! The boxes came home empty for the most part. So it was a successful DIY Lunchable.