Monday, June 16, 2014

Hotdog People!

Do you ever recall a memory from your childhood of something special that your parents did for you? I remembered today a treat my mama used to make for me when I was a little girl while heating leftovers from yesterdays cookout. She used to make hotdog men for me. I loved it when she would make them. It really made me feel special. So going on the fondness of that memory I decided to resurrect the hotdog man and put my own little spin on it. Here is my version of a childhood favorite.

Yes this was dinner and yes I used my Easy Lunchboxes. The kids had spent the day in the pool and Easy Lunchboxes were the perfect way to serve up this delicious treat. They made it easy for them to slip out of the pool and have dinner on the patio. In this dinner box they had hotdogs, Annie's macaroni and cheese, corn, grapes and mandarin oranges. YUM! They all enjoyed dinner, even my 16 year old and her friend. I hope you enjoyed my version of one of my childhood favorites. Think back to a special treat you had when little and recreate it with your own personal touch.