Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Winner! Winner! Chicken Sliders For Dinner!

Sunday night it was just me and the younger three kids so I decided to make a fun dinner. I made chicken fillets and put them on slider rolls. I put all the contents in our trusty EasyLunchboxes. Boy that dinner was a total hit. Here is what they looked like.

This was dinner for the girls. The youngest had a chicken slider, cantaloupe, watermelon, blueberries and two heart shaped cups of peas. The middle girl had chicken sliders, watermelon, grapes and peas.

This was dinner for the boy. He has two chicken sliders, apples and bananas.
Dinner was a huge hit. I love nights when the kids want to eat dinner. So this really was a winner.


  1. I love that you serve dinner in Easy Lunchboxes, it makes it that bit more fun!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

    1. Thank you Grace. My hubby was out of town and I figured, Why not? They liked it.