Monday, August 31, 2015

Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kit Review!

Hello, today I have a review on the Fit & Fresh bento lunch kit. Fit & Fresh has a lot of really cool lunch containers. Pun intended! Since I do a lunch blog we thought the bento lunch kit would be the perfect fit for our family. Of course I am looking forward to trying some of the other products they offer also but todays post is all about the bento lunch kit.

Today I used the lunch kit for my moms lunch. She really liked the overall look of the kit and is the first to use it in our family. In my family getting to use a new bento item means you are our "Special Lunch Packer" of the day. Everyone takes turns trying new products first so everyone has a special lunch at some point.

Above you have the complete bento lunch kit. The bento box itself has a place in the lid to snap the two icepacks into. You just freeze them and pop them into the top when you are ready to pack your bento kit into the bag. The bento lunch kit also comes with this very cute a sturdy insulated travel bag and two half cup bento pods with lids. The pods are a favorite feature of mine. They keep foods separated and safe inside the pod with the lids snapped firmly in place. It doesn't hurt that they are cute also! The bento lunch kit is also BPA & PVC free.

For lunch my mom took homemade chicken salad, packed in the blue pod. Vanilla yogurt with dye free sprinkles from India Tree are packed in the yellow pod. She also has cheese, two whole wheat bagels, and grapes. This is a pretty good looking lunch for a working gal if I do say so myself. Mom was pleased with it!

All in all I really like the Fit & Fresh bento lunch kit. It has plenty of room for a grown up lunch. I also love the fact that with a few adjustments by using the pods you can make it work for smaller appetites. It is very durable and made very well. The only thing I would change is the size of the lunch bag. I would love to be able to slide a reusable water bottle in.

If you are interested in purchasing the Fit & Fresh bento lunch kit you can click on the highlighted text or the link below!

*I received the Fit & Fresh bento lunch kit for review. I was not paid in any way for this review, all opinions are my own. I may receive affiliate credit for the links provided in this post.


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