Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Week of School!

Hello everyone! This is our first week back at school and let me tell you it has been a busy one! This year we have two fifth graders, a seventh grader. and a college student! If this is your first week I hope you have had a good one! This post has our lunches from Tuesday through Thursday. The kids are buying lunch tomorrow. It's pizza day! To get started here are our first day back lunches.

The girls have apple shaped ham sandwiches and the boy has a #1 t-shirt pepperoni sandwich. Each kiddo has veggies and/or fruit to their liking.

Thursday everyone had DIY Lunchables. Even my mom got one! They all have ham, pepperonis, veggies and fruit. The kids each got a pack of fruit snacks and mom and one kiddo have cheese.

This is lunch for the boy today. He is a huge fan of Pokémon. He has a Pikachu pepperoni sandwich, pretzels, grapes, an orange, and a cookie.

The girls had kitty ham sandwiches, pretzels, cookies, veggies, and fruit.

Now that the first week of school is almost over I am ready for the weekend! I hope you had a great week!

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