Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Travel Bento For Baby And Me!

I am one of those moms who like to be prepared for most situations. I have to take the hubby to an oral surgeon tomorrow. I had to think back to my baby days on what I would need for baby. It has been so long since we had a little one in the house that I feel completely lost sometimes. I had to figure out how to open the stroller and playpen, try not to run into things with the stroller and I have even found myself stuck between my car and the stroller. Whew! It has only been three days! lol So I knew I needed to put on the old thinking cap when it came to an outing that did not have the exact time for coming home. So I just decided to pack a bento for baby and myself. That way we are both covered. No body like a hangry baby and a frustrated sitter. Here are the bentos I packed us.

With my new dietary restrictions I knew that it would be hard to find food suitable on the fly so I made sure I had some healthy options for a quick snack or meal. My lunch has. Strawberries, grapes, pecans, applesauce and a sun butter Enjoy Life bar. Baby has a Gerber oatmeal cereal cup, baby bananas, yogurt bites and blueberry cereal bites. I also threw in a pacifier for safe keeping. Of course baby has bottles also. I am not looking forward to a long day but at least we have good food!
In this lunch I use Easy Lunch Boxes and the Mini Dippers from ELB's. Don't forget to save and wash your empty baby food plastic containers. They make excellent containers for packing a disposable lunch or storing small objects in. Reduce, Reuse and recycle! 
I got the idea for the baby bento from Green Lunches, Green Kids


  1. I love that you put a pacifier in them! So funny! I just started a #BabiesWhoBento series over on!

    1. What better way to keep it safe! lol I put you on the post as a link Sarah! It was a really cool idea!