Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bagel Sandwich!

Today the kids took a really simple lunch. I used the new Bentology Raspberry/Blue Bento box. I was sent the new box to try out. I also used the original Laptop Lunches box today. Both of these boxes are awesome. My kids really like the design of these bento boxes. I really like how easy lunch is to pack lunch when I use them. I also purchased the companion boxes to go with the new Bentology box. I used them today.(links will follow) I like both styles of boxes. Actually I love all of Laptop Lunches products both old and new. They are made very well and hold up nicely. That's important when you have four kids who can be kind of rough on their lunch boxes.

This is what comes with the new Bentology Raspberry/Blue bento box. Isn't it a cool lunchbox?

Here is the new Bentology box with the bigger main box. It is perfect for a large sandwich!

This is lunch for my middle girl. She has a pretzel bagel from Trader Joe's with Applegate ham, carrots, cucumbers, grapes and an orange.

This is the original Laptop Lunches box!

This is lunch for my youngest girl. She has the same lunch as her sister. She also has a Babybell cheese.

The lunchboxes are really the same in my opinion. By that I mean they are made the same. I do really like the clear boxes that come with the new box. The kids also really like the clear boxes. They like to see what is in them. That way they don't have to ask me what is for lunch. I also think the new boxes are perfect for all ages. These new boxes are great for your older kids or even for yourself. I also think they are quite trendy. I also love that the inner boxes are interchangeable between all the lunch sets. That means you can make them your own. I would recommend these boxes. They are a great addition to your lunch packing gear. They are also the perfect box for those of you who are new to packing lunch.

*I was sent the Bentology box to try out. I was not paid for this review, All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.



  1. Nice lunch box. Bagel with cream cheese sandwich

    Bagel Breakfast Menus NY.

    1. Thank you! They had ham on bagels on this particular day. he kids aren't much on cream cheese. I love it though!