Sunday, April 26, 2015

Everyday Bento Review!

I love cookbooks! I have an addiction to them really. I have to really hold back when I see them in the stores. I sometimes completely avoid the cookbooks all together. That way I won't pine for the latest one. When I am looking for a great cookbook I search for the ones that have awesome pictures, clear and simple instructions, readily available ingredients and recipes that I can adapt to my families taste. These are very important things in a great cookbook. I have been trying to purchase Everyday Bento for months. Every time I went to get it, Amazon was sold out! What that tells me is that this is going to be a great cookbook. About a month ago my friend Wendy asked if I would like one to review on my blog! YES!!!! I jumped at the chance to finally own Everyday Bento. I was so excited to get this particular book. She even autographed it!

My kids were equally excited. They wanted to pick a lunch. So they picked and I made my own version of Wendy's awesome bentos. The best thing about Everyday Bento is it meets every one of my qualifications for a GREAT cookbook. Yes. This book is great. It provides you with a jumping off point into the world of bento meals.  She keeps the ingredients simple. They are all readily available anywhere and all the lunches are all just plain adorable. She also makes it easy for you to make cute lunches for your kids without needing a hundred different tools to do it with. She even helps give you ideas for lunches for mom and dad. Here are two of the lunches the kids picked.

This is a Build It Yourself Pizza lunch. You can do so much with this lunch. Add all you kids favorite pizza toppings to the box and they have a perfect lunch!

This lunch is for the youngest girl. She has a flour tortilla cut into cute mini rounds. Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni pieces, peppers, sauce, cucumbers and grapes.

This is lunch for my middle girl. Artful Leftovers lets you take dinner leftovers and make a whole new meal out of them for lunch. You can do a lot with leftovers. This would be a great lunch for yourself or the hubby!

I used the Yumbox for this lunch. She has flour tortillas, Applegate ham, lemon pepper chicken breast, shredded lettuce, grapes, carrots, grapes and ranch dressing. The Yumbox is leak-proof so that ranch will stay right where I put it.

These are the snacks that my daughter and I took with us on an outing today. I used my favorite snack containers for the snacks. Sistema makes containers in all shapes and sizes. We have some gluten free pretzels, a GoGo Squeez applesauce, clementine oranges, peanut butter and sunflower seeds.
I really love this cookbook. Wendy gives some awesome tips for making healthy lunches. Go ahead and grab this one. It is well worth it. Don't forget to check out Wendolonia. She has an awesome blog too! This girl really knows her lunch.                                                                                                      
*I was sent this book for review. I was not paid in any way for this review. All thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links.      
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