Monday, January 4, 2016

Chicken Salad And Fancy Sandwiches!

Today I made three really easy lunches. I used the same chicken salad I made yesterday for the first lunch. You can get the recipe here. The other two lunches were made using a couple of vintage cookie cutters I have. I really became obsessed with vintage cookie cutters a few months ago and I have been on a cookie cutter hunt ever since. You can never have to many cookie cutters, although my husband would disagree with that statement. I also switched it up a bit and used both EasyLunchboxes and Yumboxes! I also included a few of my new food picks I got from Japan for Christmas.

This lunch has chicken salad, sesame crackers, Swiss and Asiago cheese slices, carrots, and apples. He also has two small pieces of banana nut bread.

This is lunch for my middle girl. She has a ham sandwich, carrots, apples, cashews, crackers, and a small piece of banana nut bread.

This is lunch for the youngest girl. She has a ham sandwich, Swiss cheese, cashews, carrots, apples, grapes, and banana nut bread.

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