Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Lunch #1

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by today. A couple of weeks ago my friend sent all kinds of cookie cutters and presses to me in the mail. I got another small package from her today and I am so excited. It had all kinds of cute cookie cutters in it! For todays lunch I used some of the Christmas presses she sent. The sandwiches turned out so cute! So here is todays lunch!

In this lunch the youngest girl had two sandwiches shaped like a gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl. She had Christmas cookies and Holiday Wheat Thins. She also had apple sticks, carrots, cucumbers and sweet pepper rings. She also had a gingerbread man made out of smoked gouda cheese.


This lunch is for the oldest girl. She had a ham sandwich shaped as a Santa face. She also had Christmas cookies and Holiday Wheat Thins. Apple sticks, sugar snap peas and sweet pepper rings
This lunch is for the boy. He has peanut butter snowflake crackers. Holiday Wheat thins and Christmas cookies. Apple sticks and grapes.
We used our Easy Lunchboxes for todays lunch. I also used cookie presses and cookie cutters to make this lunch. This is our first Christmas lunch of the season. Stay tuned for lunches like this one!

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