Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Bento Supplies!

Hey there! I am super excited today! I got my shipment in from All Things For Sale. The kiddos were so excited to see all of our great new bento stuff. So of course I had to do a lunch with it. This will be our last lunch that isn't a Christmas lunch until after the holidays! Here is what I got in the shipment.

Look at all of it! This place is one of the most awesome suppliers of bento supplies. And affordable!

This was lunch for the boy. He has mini pepperonis, A clementine, and grapes. He also has pretzels and homemade star grahams. I used two Star Wars rings and lite sabers for decoration in his lunch.

This is lunch for the fifth grader. She had a hard boiled egg molded in the shape of a bear. She also had ham sandwiches pressed into stars, a bear and a heart. Cheese its, pretzel balls, grapes, carrots and cucumbers. I also added some adorable bear food picks. She loved this lunch!

This is lunch for the littlest girl. She has a hard boiled egg shaped as a bunny. She also has mini shaped sandwiches with hazel nut spread. Sweet pepper rings, cucumbers and grapes. She also has pretzels. I used cute little bunny food picks and strawberry shaped silicone cups.
I had so much fun using all of our new bento supplies!

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