Monday, January 13, 2014

Chicken Nuggets For Lunch!

Hello there! It is Monday again and the weekend was not long enough as usual. Today the kids had leftovers for lunch. I actually took request yesterday afternoon for lunch. This is what they picked.

This is lunch for the boy. He took his LunchBlox box today. He has All Natural nuggets, grapes and a mandarin orange. He also has cheese crackers and Goldfish Cookies and Cream cookies.

This is lunch for the middle girl. She had nuggets and a nice salad of mixed greens. She also has carrots, grapes and celery with peanut butter. She also has Goldfish cookies. 

This is lunch for the littlest girl. She took our new heart shaped bento boxes from Target. She had ham rolls, a small salad with sugar snap peas and cucumbers, grapes, a Baby Bell Mozzarella round and Goldfish cookies.

The oldest took the Goodbyn today. She has chicken nuggets, Sugar snap peas, cucumbers, sweet pepper rings, a mandarin orange and grapes. She also took a little cup of Goldfish cookies.
Well That's lunch! I hope you have a great Monday!

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