Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Easy Lunch!

Hello there! Yesterdays lunches were super cute and super easy. The kids loved them. The oldest girls says she has been getting a lot of compliments on lunch this week. She said someone even asked her if that was a bento lunch. I am so glad everyone is enjoying their lunches! This is lunch for yesterday!

This is lunch for the boy. I should say it was actually his dinner since he stayed home because he did not feel well and wanted it for dinner. He has pepperoni roll-ups, a mandarin orange, grapes, pretzel wheels and Goldfish cookies.

This is lunch for the oldest girl. She has a ham roll, a mandarin orange, sugar snap peas and sweet pepper rings. She also has pretzels and cubed strawberry swirl pound cake.

This is lunch for the littlest girl. She has mini ham roll sandwiches, sugar snap peas. a side salad. carrots, sweet pepper rings, grapes and a half of mandarin orange. She also has pretzels and pound cake. I added the colored lion food picks for a little flair! I packed lunch in our Easy Lunchboxes!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Wednesday!