Monday, January 6, 2014

First Lunch Of The New Year!

Hello there. My kids went back to school today! Woo Hoo! Just kidding! So of course they needed lunch. I kept it very simple for the first day back. My brain is still a little fried from the holidays and my creative juices weren't flowing. We packed lunch in our Easy LunchBoxes today. They are our favorites so far! So here is our first lunch of the New Year!

This is lunch for the littlest girl. She has a hard boiled egg in the shape of a bear with a cute little red bow pick. Ham skewers on gemstone picks, crackers and Pringles tortilla chips.(yum) She also has apple slices, carrots, celery and sweet pepper rings.

This one is for the oldest girl. She has a hard boiled egg heart with a yellow top hat food pick. Ham skewers, crackers and Ranch Pringles tortilla chips. She also has apple slices and sweet pepper rings. I also threw in a strawberry apple sauce and raisin pack. She sometimes nibbles between classes.

This lunch is for the middle girl. She has ham rolls, cheese crackers, crackers and mini pepperonis. She also has celery, apple slices and carrots. I threw a little dipper cup of peanut butter in her lunch for dipping.

I used some of my cute new food picks and my brand spankin new Freshwear silicone food cups. The Freshwear cups I have are in the shapes of rectangles, squares and triangles. I love these food cup!

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