Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Simply Lunch!

Yesterday I was trolling though my Facebook feed and came across a post from Wendolonia about lunches she had for her kids that were super simple. It got me thinking about the new school year and how everyone will be seeking out easy lunches to pack for the kiddies. As most of you know I like to add extra flair to the kids lunches but sometimes my creative juices refuse to flow. So when the creativity wheel refuses to turn I just make a simple lunch. This way I know the kids are still getting a healthy lunch even when I am not feeling creative. Here are a few lunches from today.

These three lunches took no time at all. The kids gobbled them up and left the table satisfied.
I even made myself a yummy lunch. Mine took a little longer. I made myself a bagel melt!
Oh my gosh! This was so yummy. I have to admit that I couldn't finish both of the bagel melts. Those bagels may be small but they are sure filling. My bagel melts consisted of rotisserie chicken sliced deli meat, tavern ham sliced deli meat, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. I also had sour cream waffle chips and a mixed nut trail mix. This is a great lunch for the hubby or a teenager.                 
Hope to see you around. You can get these awesome lunchboxes by clicking on the picture below.

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