Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All Things Homemade!

Last week I had a request for homemade pretzel bites. I was happy to oblige. I also decided to serve up crockpot applesauce and fresh snapped crockpot green beans. I made a homemade cheese sauce for dipping and served it all with hotdogs. Our yummy dinner boxes looked like this.

Cooking in the crockpot made dinner super simple. The pretzels were a little work but once we got them going we were done in no time. The applesauce was so delicious. Before I blended it I topped some vanilla ice cream  with the warm applesauce. Oh my goodness. It was just like eating apple pie a la mode. Except it was much better for us. The green beans were a huge hit too! What a yummy home cooked meal!                                                                                                        
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