Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back To School!

Every time I say the words Back To School I hear Adam Sandler singing in my head. It might be because when I say those words my hubby sings it out loud in his best Adam Sandler voice. Ha! Ha!
My kids go back to school in September so I have a little time left before my house is once again quiet and clean. Now I know what my grandmother meant when she said that silence was golden. It sure is. It is dang near priceless.
Today I want to share some of the things I use to pack lunch. The most important is a great lunchbox container(I have a few faves!) Also a durable lunch bag, silicone cupcake cups, a few cookie cutters and sandwich cutters. Sometimes I throw in a Lunchbox Love Note. Especially on the days I think the kids could use a laugh or a little encouragement. This year I also purchased two Thermos Funtainer food containers for the two older girls so they could have hot foods for lunch. My two younger children have access to a microwave so they don't need them yet. Let's get started.
Here are a few of my favorite lunch containers.

  These are my top picks. I use these the most when I pack lunch. The names of the boxes are from left to right. EasyLunchboxes, Authentic Japanese bento boxes, PlanetBox, LunchBots and the Goodbyn. At the bottom of this post I will give you links to each lunchbox. I have many lunchboxes for the kids and they love them all but these a definitely my go to lunchboxes.

 These are our new Thermos Funtainer food containers. These babies will keep foods piping hot for my girls on a cool day. I decided to go with plain pink but they come in many colors and lots of kid friendly designs.

 Now I have oodles of silicone cups from all kinds of places so these are just a few that we use regularly. They are a good size. About the size of a standard cupcake. They make packing a bento super easy and way cute.

  I also have hundreds of cookie cutters. (I make cookies too!) These are a few that I have had for years. The top cutters are LunchPunch sandwich cutters. These are super cute for any princess. They have several different designs to choose from. You can buy sandwich cutters from just about anywhere.
Here is a lunch I made this summer in a EasyLunchbox. I used my sweet new Cuddle Palz sandwich cutter.                                                                                                                                                      
Lunchtime doesn't have to take forever. You can pack a healthy and cute meal in minutes. I usually pack four in around twenty. That's with no prep work. My kids love these lunches and YES they do eat better since we bento. YES they do try new foods that they wouldn't try before! NO it doesn't take loads of time to make a lunch like this one. If you can use a cookie cutter and a knife you can make a cute bento lunch. Not that a cookie cutter is necessary for a bento lunch. Putting foods together to make them look appetizing is the only real skill you need.  As for that famous saying sweeping the internet" Ain't nobody got time for that.", that's rubbish because guess what? I am very busy and I can find 20 minutes in my day to pack a cute and healthy lunch. That is one thing I do have time for. I hope you found a few back to school ideas from this post. As always, Come back and stay tuned for what happens next!                  
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  1. I would love to start making bento lunches for my kids but have no idea where to start, what is the bare minimum needed or is what you've listed a good starting point? Also I am in Canada (not sure where you are) where can most of these items be purchased?

    1. I started with just a few things. I would start with EasyLunchboxes ,silicone cups and cookie or sandwich cutters. You can purchase most of these items on Amazon. I have provided link. Just click on the picture of the items you want to look at and it takes you right to it. I am not sure if our Amazon sites are the same. I live in the US. But it is worth a try. I also bought things from All Things For Sale. You can to that site by clicking the link in the right top corner of this post. Thanks for stopping by Jackie! I hope to see you back!