Monday, July 20, 2015

Back To School Lunch Post

Back to school season is upon us. Whether you go back to school in a couple of weeks or start back in September like us, back to school season is here. You can see it all around. All the local stores are stocking the shelves with everything you will need to get the kids ready. Now everyone thinks about school supplies but lunch supplies can sometimes be forgotten. I have been packing lunch for about thirteen years now, so I have a couple of tips and some of my favorite lunch supplies for you today. Any of the supplies shown will make lunch packing so easy and fun. At the end of the post I will give you some links to where you can purchase some of the products I use.

First on the list are EasyLunchboxes! These lunchboxes are great. They come in three different color packs and in sets of four. They are durable and affordable. These were the first real bento boxes I used. I still have some from two years ago. They are perfect if you are new to making lunches. They are great for young children, teens, and adults. These are shown with Mini Dippers from EasyLunchboxes and a couple of cloth napkins made by yours truly.

In this picture the EasyLunchboxes are shown with Reduce Water Bottles, plastic cookie cutters from a big set of Wilton cutters, round silicone cupcake cups, the mini dippers, and my handmade napkins. Reduce Water Bottles are great. They come in 16oz and 10oz bottles. They are sold in sets of five. The Wilton cookie cutters come in handy for cutting sandwiches into fun shapes. Silicone cupcake cups come in many shapes and sizes. I recommend starting out with the round and square cups. You can separate food with these and they make your lunches look great and appetizing.

Planetbox is a stainless steel lunchbox. They come in three different sizes. The Rover and Launch are shown here. These lunchboxes are so durable and with last forever! They are perfect for kids of all ages. Planetbox is the way to go if you prefer to stay away from plastics. We love our Planetboxes!

Next on the list is the Yumbox. These lunchboxes are great for kids of any age although the six compartment ones are geared toward younger children. I use both of these boxes for my kids ages 10-17. I also have packed lunch for myself in them. So I recommend them for all ages.The best thing about the Yumbox is that it is completely leak-proof! You heard right. LEAK-PROOF! It also doesn't hurt that they are super cute!

In the world of bento there are lots and lots of novelty lunchboxes. Here I have a Lego bento box. These are fun little lunchboxes and the kids love them. We have a lot of this type of bento box. The Lego bento box is shown with different shapes of silicone cupcake cups. I told you they come in all shapes and sizes.

A Thermos can really come in handy for packing cold or hot foods for lunch. I plan on using these quite a bit this year. They are a new addition to my lunch essentials. I asked the experts (fellow bloggers) how to use a Thermos and this is what they had to say:
Fill your Thermos with boiling water and let it sit with top on for at least five minutes.
Empty water.
Fill Thermos with heated food and pop the top back on.
To pack your heated Thermos they recommend putting the Thermos in the lunch bag on one side. Use a napkin or another barrier to put between the Thermos and the other foods you pack. Then pop the icepack into the opposite side of the lunch bag. These are tried and true methods

Probably the most important thing to have for lunch is a great lunch bag. These lunch bags belong to my two youngest children. They used them last school year and will be using them again this year. Embark makes a great lunch bag. These bags are still in awesome shape. You can even machine wash them!

Lunch time tip: How do you keep your apples from browning? This is a question I get asked all the time. I use pineapple juice to keep my apples from turning brown. I just stir the sliced apples up with a little drizzle of pineapple juice until they are coated. I buy the six pack cans of pineapple juice. That way I only have to open a little can once a week and don't have to waste the rest. I keep the apple slices in the fridge for several days. They stay looking fresh at least that long.
I hope you have found this post useful in helping you to get ready for back to school lunches.
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