Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's Shark Week!

Hello all. Did you know it's Shark Week?  I love Shark Week. I am actually watching it right now while I type up this post! I am actually terrified of sharks and some of the shows really make me squirm. But I still watch. So when one of the kids needed a lunch on the go today I couldn't resist. I made her a simple shark week lunch. She was thrilled with it. Here is my simple shark week lunch.

She has a ham sub sandwich, a clementine, yogurt star cookies, a applesauce pouch and a few chips in the cute reusable shark bag.

I also made a lunch for my aunt who was with the oldest girl today.

She has a turkey, ham and cheese sub. She also has a clementine, yogurt star cookies and chips.

They were so thankful to have a lunch to eat before the drive home. My aunt said I could pack her lunch anytime. It's a great idea to take your lunch with you when you have an outing. You get a healthy meal and save lots of money.

Here are some of the products I used in this lunch. Just click the pictures for a direct link.



  1. You did not give me a shark! I feel slighted.


  2. Aww....I am sorry! I made you a lunch though. Only special people get lunches. Lol