Saturday, October 5, 2013

Feeling a little batty!

Friday's Spooktacular Lunch!
Fridays Lunch. All four kids had the same lunch. Bat sandwiches, Annie's bunny grahams & snack mix. Popcorn chips and a Jack-o-lantern mandarin orange cups. I decorated lunch with green or orange silicone cups. I also used some of the new plastic pics I got from Michael's.  I had the little witch feet left from a birthday a couple of years ago. You can also check out my Facebook page @ !


  1. EEeeeeeeeeeeeee Those bat sandwiches are adorable!
    And Jack o lantern fruit cups = classic! This is cute and yummy looking and now I'm hungry and it's your fault! ^^

    Grats on your blog!!!

    1. Ha Ha...... Thanks! I am super excited. I saw the Jack-o-lantern fruit cup somewhere and thought they were so cute. The kids really liked them!