Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fairy Bread!


Pumpkin Fairy Bread!
Hello all! Todays lunch is another Halloween theme! All the kids had the same thing today. With the exception of the boy. His was a little different. They all had a Fairy bread sandwich, snack mix, popcorn, fruit salad and a cute little skewer of ghost marshmallows. The sandwiches had chocolate spread in the middle. The only difference was my sons sandwich had peanut butter.

I got the idea for the fairy bread from a lovely little blog called Mama Belly Lunches With Love!  The kids love these simple little sandwiches. They are pretty much effortless. You just use a cookie cutter to make the shape in the bread. On the other half that you didn't cut, spread whatever kind of spread or jelly you want. Put the sandwich together. Then use your favorite sprinkles in the cut out shape. Viola! You have just made a simple sandwich into a super cute special treat!

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