Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello all. Today is Monday. As if you didn't know it was Monday. If you are anything like me you dread Monday mornings. Setting the clock. Getting up early to pack lunch and get your sweet kiddos out the door on time. In a perfect world Mondays would be smooth sailing. In my world I have no such luck. But today I have a special treat for my little monsters. I did my first color detail on a sandwich. It was so easy. Of course I had some help from my blogger friends. They are a great bunch and give the best advice on things you are new at. I will introduce you to some of their blogs later!
So in todays lunch the kids had skeleton man p.b.&j. sammies. Also one that said EEK!  They also had festive popcorn, pretzels, grapes & orange segments. For a special treat I made cereal bars. My fifth grader also had some yummy carrots packed under the sammies.

EEK! A skeleton is in my lunch!
The carrots were wrapped in parchment. Then in a cut paper sack and sealed with a sweet little Halloween sticker. I made the sandwiches with my Halloween cookie press cutters. I then painted the skeletons face with a paint brush(new of course)and gel food icing! Easy as pie! Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday! 

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