Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homemade lunch box!

I know for the last several years my kiddos have been asking me every time they grocery shopping with me. Can I get one of those pre-packed lunches over there? The answer is always NO! I have seen many versions of these nifty little homemade treats floating around. I decided to start making our own. That way I control what goes in it. Besides they don't even eat half of what is in them anyway. They usually don't even contain fruit and I know they never have veggies. So here is our homemade version!

Homemade lunch box!
Crackers, pepperonis, ham, two cookies, apples & mandarin orange cups.
So if you are tired of saying no. Go ahead and try this out for size. I bet you get a huge smile and great satisfaction knowing you made the choices that best fit your family. Have a great Thursday!

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