Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My lips are sealed!

Last night I decided that I would give my kids and you a theme free lunch. No frills. I wanted to take a break from Halloween themed lunches. I wanted to give you something else to show you how simple lunch packing could be. so I pulled out the French rolls to make a sandwich and a lunch theme was born.

My lips are sealed!
A very quick and simple little lunch. The girls had ham on French rolls, pretzels, grapes and a few organic sandwich cookies.
When you do bento lunches for your kids you start to see a theme everywhere. I pulled the rolls out and said these look like lips. So there was my theme. I sent them to school with some love from mama. I used two little heart shaped food picks that I picked up from Dollar Tree. Just $1 for 50 multi-colored picks.

Well of course I could not send my son to school with lips in his lunch box. He would have flipped out. so I made him this.

Pepperoni sandwich
He had a pepperoni sub on the same bread as the girls. Pretzel shapes, cheese crackers, grapes and organic sandwich cookies.
This is an excellent example of how two lunches with basically the same ingredients can be so different. Have a great Wednesday!  

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