Thursday, November 14, 2013

A simple lunch!

Good morning all! Sorry I didn't have a post yesterday. I took the pictures yesterday morning only to realize I had no memory card in the camera! Duh..........Oh well. I am back at it today. Tuesday I made some yummy pumpkin doughnuts, doughnut holes and bread. The house smelled absolutely lovely. I used pumpkin bread mix to make all these yummy goodies. You can use your own recipe or the box mix. It doesn't really matter. You get the same results either way. I put all the goodies in baggies and froze them. This way we have goodies for awhile. Without further ado here is todays lunch.
 This lunch is for my oldest girl. She has a ham sandwich on a fresh roll. Cubed pumpkin bread, sugar snap peas, apples and grapes.
 This is lunch for the little ladies. Ham sandwiches on fresh rolls. Cubed pumpkin bread, carrots, sugar snap peas, apple slices and grapes.
This is lunch for the boy. Leftover pizza, cubed pumpkin bread, apple slices and grapes. The boy doesn't like veggies. I usually offer them anyway(even though they always come back home). I keep thinking that one day he will love his veggies.
This was a super simple lunch. No frills today. I love all of my new handmade food picks but sometimes keeping it simple is enough. Especially when you have the beautiful colors of all the fresh veggies and fruit. Have a super Thursday and tune back in tomorrow for Fun Food Friday!

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