Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pumpkin Bread

Good morning all! I trust you are all having an excellent day. I have to say that today I am not on my A game. My hubby bought me a lovely little Nikon camera last year. I love my little camera. Now that being said I am not the best at keeping up with parts to things. I always say I am going to put this here so I don't lose it and end up losing it anyway. lol So I lost my charger cord! I am having to use my moms camera which is not as precise as mine. It doesn't take as good of quality pictures as mine. So everyone bear with me. I will find it but until then I am using moms.
In todays lunch I was able to capture the lunch for all three girls. Here is todays lunch!

The girls had pumpkin bread, homemade cheese crackers, apples & grapes, carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. I made the pumpkin bread ahead of time and popped it in the freezer. That way I have it when they want it. I will have to replenish my stock soon because these kiddos love pumpkin bread.
The boy took pumpkin bread, pretzels, apples & grapes and a cup of peanut butter to dip the pretzels and fruit in.
Soon I will be doing my Christmas cookies and plan to share them and the recipes with you. I must sign off for now. The house is filled with Christmas music and I must clean and start decorating. I adore Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. Food, Family and making memories is my motto!


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  2. This lunch looks delicious! I love Christmas too, but I'm doing my best to hold off on the Christmas music until the 1st December!

    1. I couldn't wait grace! We decorated the tree last night. lol The lunch was really simple. That pumpkin bread has been a lifesaver. I must replenish the stock soon.