Monday, November 11, 2013

Vegatarian Meals For The Girls!

Hello there! Today is Meatless Monday. The girls took a vegetarian meal today and I must say it looks delicious. The oldest had been requesting an apple sammie and this was the perfect opportunity to make her one. So here are todays meat free lunches.

The two younger girls had Apple slices, grapes, carrot sticks, wheat thin crackers, pretzels and peanut butter for dipping. My kids really like foods that can be dipped. This meal was perfect for a Meatless Monday and dip it theme. They are getting their proteins from the all natural peanut butter and have three veggie/fruit options.

Next we have the oldest. Like I said before she had been requesting an apple sammie and was very excited when she found out that was in her lunch for today! She has the apple sammie with peanut butter, carrot sticks, grapes, apple cinnamon rice cakes and pretzels.

To make an apple sammie you just cut the apples across into thick slices then make a hole in the middle. I used a mini acorn cookie cutter for this one. Staying with the fall theme I added some of my handmade food picks.

The boy did not take a vegetarian meal but it was still a yummy lunch! Have a great Monday!

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