Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rainbow Turkey

Morning! Boy is it cold and rainy here in Virginia! Days like this are surely meant for napping. It would be nice to catch some zzzzzzzzzz's before the kiddos go on Thanksgiving break. lol Today I  mad a super cute turkey sandwich. Turkey bread with no turkey filling. We will save the turkey for Thursday. My friend who I love and adore has been looking for Bento supplies for me in the great state of Indiana. She has access to lots of thrift stores and indoor flea markets. So she is on a thrifty Bento hunt! That's how I roll. I get as much second hand as possible. Cookie cutters and molds are a favorite find. I am a firm believer in reduce, reuse and recycle. So she sent me a care package last week with her finds. In it was this neat turkey press. It also had some vintage presses and lots of Christmas finds. Jell-O molds were in there too. Woo hoo! Score! I will attempting egg molds in those babies. So I must give a shout to Ms. Pam Morris. You are the best! Here's todays lunch.

In the girls lunch. Turkey pressed sammies with either Nutella or P.B. Homemade chocolate grahams shaped like acorns and leaves. Homemade cheese crackers, apple slices, sweet peppers, sugar snap peas and carrots. This lunch is for the littlest girl. The oldest had the same but only took sugar snap peas. The middle had the same but we swapped out the grahams for P.B. & J. trail mix.
For my picky boy I packed. Homemade pretzel bites & hot dogs. Homemade chocolate grahams, P.B.&J. trail mix, yogurt and apple slices.


  1. Such a cute sandwich, I love how you coloured it! Hurray for vintage bento tools - Can I borrow your friend for a while too?! ;-)
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!

    1. I wish you could borrow her. lol She sent another box yesterday! I see squirrels and owls in the very near future! And you are welcome. I love Fun Food Friday!