Monday, December 15, 2014

A Week Of Christmas Lunches! Day Two!

Today was a super busy day. I reorganized my pantry. Then I reorganized and rehomed all of my bento supplies. I started at 8:30 AM and finished at about 2:00 PM. By that time I had to get lunches made for the next day. I was pressed for time and am in serious need of a trip to the grocery store! So I threw these lunches together really quick and called it a day.

This is lunch for the boy. He has pretzels, peanut butter, apples, a clementine and beef sticks.

The girls all took the same lunch. They have pretzels and peanut butter, beef sticks, apples, carrots, cucumbers and sugar snap peas.                                                                                                           
So far his week has been really busy and it is only Tuesday. At least I got my cookies made and packed up to go to our teachers! Have a great day.                                                                         
Here are some of the products I used to make the lunches.


  1. It is fun to see what you came up with for lunch when low on supplies! I love those holiday pretzels!