Thursday, December 11, 2014

Easy Lunches!

Today started off with kids running late to school. An outing to pays bills. A trip to my least favorite store to grab Christmas candy and all the fixings to make Christmas cookies. A call from our local middle school to inform us that there was a gas leak and the students had been evacuated to the high school. Then another call that the kids were headed back to the middle school because everything was clear. That was all before 11 o'clock! And we have a band concert tonight!

Lunches for today were pretty simple. Three kids took salads and the boy took a DIY Lunchable.

The youngest girl took a cute side salad in a big frog silicone cup. She also has a clementine, grapes, sweet peppers, carrots, sugar snap peas, sweet peppers, grilled chicken and pretzels.

The other two girls took salads as well. This one is for the older girl. She has salad, grilled chicken, a clementine, grapes, honey mustard pretzel pieces and Laughing Cow cheese.

The boy took crackers, pretzels, pepperonis, grilled chicken, a clementine and grapes.

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You can get some of the items used in this lunch from the pictures below. You can also find cute bento supplies by clicking the link in the upper right corner to All Things For Sale!



  1. Looks delicious! I love the look of your crinkle cut cucumber. I have a cutter but don't remember to use if very often.

    1. Thank you Kathy! I also forget I have that little gadget!

  2. How great are those lunches!? I love the cups that you found at Walmart. I still haven't made it over there. Looks like your kids are well fed!

  3. Aww... Thanks Shannon. For the most part they are. lol