Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Lunches!

It's time for Christmas lunches! This is my most favorite time of the year. I absolutely love Christmas! I love everything about it. The decorations, the cookies, the giving, the parties and the Christmas bento! I am sure I left something out. Just remember I love EVERYTHING about it!

In this lunch I used an antique gingerbread man cookie press. My friend sent it to me last year. This is one of my favorite cookie presses. He's cute right?                                                                                  

 This is lunch for my youngest. She has a ham gingerbread man sandwich, banana chips, cashews, a orange, grapes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and carrots.

This is lunch for my middle schooler. She has a Santa ham sandwich, cashews, an orange, grapes,  carrots and cucumbers.

 This is a lunch for my niece. She has a Santa face ham sandwich, banana chips, cashews, an orange, grapes, cucumbers and carrots.

This last lunch is for our oldest girl. She has been ill for a couple of months so she is being homeschooled. We noticed that she has been losing weight lately. She doesn't have a hearty appetite like she used to. So this mama decided that her baby (17 year old) needed protein! I made her this protein box. Since she doesn't have a big appetite I thought she could nibble on it throughout the day. I wanted to make sure she had healthy nibbles ready at her disposal. It looks great!

 In the protein box she has two boiled eggs, pieces of all beef sausage, cashews, banana chips, sweet peppers, a clementine and grapes.  

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You can find these awesome lunchboxes and the silicone cups in the links below!



  1. Awesome stamped sandwiches. So much love and fun you created for your family!

  2. These are so great, looks easy for parents to copy for their own kids also!